Tony Mancia

Tattoo Artist and Painter- Owner of Stygian Gallery

Tony Mancia

About Me:

My name is Tony Mancia. I’m the owner of Stygian Gallery in Dallas, PA. I have a strong passion for tattooing & artistry. I spend the majority of my time at Stygian Gallery, but travel the world for conventions and guest spots as often as my schedule permits.

I specialize in black and grey inspired realism. To get a better idea of the style of work I take on, check out my portfolio and recent art.

Appointments with Me:

Due to the nature of my tattoos, I typically take on larger scale work. I have a set day rate for each session and when traveling that rate may vary depending on where I’m tattooing.

My booking form is always open for new projects and clients. Unfortunately I am unable to take on ever request that comes through, but I do my best to take on as much as possible. My booking process helps keep my schedule in rotation to ensure projects are started and completed in a timely manner. This also allows my work schedule to stay efficient, and benefits those clients with large-scale pieces.

I will not show a drawing before your appointment. Please understand that I cannot cater to one specific client; I devote all of my time to tattooing and art. The more information I have and communication before our project the better.

I love and appreciate all my clients for giving me the opportunity to tattoo them. Remember, I want to create art. If you limit me and don’t allow me freedom for what I am doing, the overall tattoo will suffer.

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Desirée Mancia

Resident Artist

Desirée Mancia

About Desirée:

My name is Desiree Mancia, and I co-own Stygian Gallery with Tony and have been tattooing full-time for the past 5 years. I love tattooing in different styles and enjoy the variety of pieces that I get to do. From flowers to skull, big or small – every piece is unique! I put 100% into every design and love to create a piece that is fitting specifically for you. 


Appointments with Desirée:

After you submit a request through the booking form, I will have a look at your ideas and reach out to you so we can go over ideas in more detail. It usually takes me a couple of days to call but I will. I’m so excited to hear from you and can’t wait to see what we come up with together!


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